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Law firms

Does your Law Firm have a significant conveyancing department?

If you are a regional law firm with a significant conveyancing department then NSS Franchising is the ultimate search solution for you.

By running your own search franchise you will benefit from the significant margins enjoyed by search companies that encourage them to bombard law firms with marketing

You will improve your risk and compliance by having direct control over the quality of the searches your firm promotes to clients

NSS offer a hassle free option with full training and compliance functions allowing the franchisor to run with only minimum management requirements

You will be able to prioritise search results ensuring your clients receive the best service possible.

You will have complete control of your search supply and no longer be reliant upon multiple 3rd party companies.

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Your key questions answered

The short answer is to have complete control and to have an additional revenue stream. The reason there are so many search companies is that it’s a high margin low risk business. You control the supply so why not control the revenue ?

There is only minimal input required. Your staff will continue to order searches in the normal way and the new business is easy to administer as NSS head office provide most of the functions you need to operate

As your franchise will be a separate legal entity it will not need to regulated by either the SRA or CLC. Firms should however disclose the partners interest in this entity in their terms and conditions.

Far from it. HMLR began a process of digitising Land Charges but this still has several years to run. Even then Land charges only makes up approximately 1/3 of local search / the remaining data has to be sourced direct from the council where it is kept in various formats and registers.

They will undergo a minimum of 5 weeks one-to-one training with our highly experienced search agents. Our team collectively have  over 50 years’  combined experience producing searches and they will ensure that new search agents fully understand the process by the time we sign them off. Even then we constantly review the quality of search reports on an ongoing basis and provide help and support to our franchisees when technical queries arise.

Simply complete our enquiry form and someone will get back you as soon as possible or alternatively, give us a call.