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Why you need NSS

Estate Agents

Diversify your income streams and build strong relationships.

NSS has been working with Estate Agents for over 20 years – we know that your business grows through strong relationships with Law Firms.

Minimum marketing requirements as you can utilise your existing relations.

Bring closer cooperation between your teams and a panel of local law firms

Low set-up and running costs.

Minimal training and compliance are required as this is all handled by NSS Head office

Your key questions answered

The answer is simple – To diversify your income streams and build a closer relationship with local law firm.

Having made the decision to proceed you will find that NSS will be your perfect partner. Other than recruitment of 1 or 2 search agents, NSS will handle training, compliance and supervision of your agents. We even deal with the majority of the finances so you only have to raise invoices  when orders come in and we deal with all the rest.

NSS has been trading since 2003 and has many high profile law firms using our service. In 2021 we processed over 30,000 search packs making us one of the largest search suppliers in the country. You would operate as a franchisee of NSS and be able to use our branding and marketing support.

If you have strong contacts with law firms in your local area and if you are confident you can market the business to those firms you should be able to build an extremely profitable business. Don’t just take our word for  it though. Any of our franchisees would be happy to talk you through what is involved and major estate agency brands such as Ryder & Dutton in the North West and Paul Carr in Birmingham have been benefiting from an NSS franchise for many years.

The provision of a local search is still very much a manual task. Whilst there are many on line data bases which allow you to pull the data together, in many cases it is still necessary to visit council offices and gather the data required. The good news is that most of the date is freely available, its simply a case of understanding what you are looking for and how to interpret what you find. This is why NSS take approximately 5 weeks  to thoroughly train each new search agent.

Simply complete our enquiry form or give us a call and someone will get back you as soon as possible