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Paul Carr

North Birmingham Estate Agent Paul Carr, bought a NSS search Franchise back in 2005 and its still going as strong as ever today.

The 19 office firm has always been keen to maximise opportunities and to diversify its business. Paul is a lateral thinker and knew immediately that running a separate search business would really compliment his existing business.

Paul says

“We have always worked  hand in hand with a wide group of local law firms. We believe that a local partnership is the right for us and right for our joint customers. Thus when I became  aware of NSS, it became a ‘no brainer’ of a decision to set up Paul Carr Search Services.

Richard and the team at NSS did everything we required to set up and help us run this business. We get work from our wide range of law firms who we also send conveyancing work to.

The day to day admin and effort required is really quite minimal, but the returns are substantial and I would have any forward thinking agent should be considering this as an option to boost both relationships with local law firms and to diversify their income streams”